Our School - Staff

Achieving our Vision

To become a ‘school of distinction inspiring confident and creative learners’ our staff play a vital role in achieving this endeavour. 

Our staff are passionate about learning and learning is at the core of all we do. Our quest is academic excellence for all and creating an environment that is safe, caring and nurturing.” Our Plan 2019-2021

We understand that our collective efficacy will drive success. Our students are afforded a range of exceptional learning opportunities across all learning areas in thanks to dedicated and highly motivated teaching and essential services staff. Classrooms and learning areas are inviting and engaging learning environments where students feel comfortable taking risks and accepting challenges. 

As an Independent Public School we are afforded an opportunity to select, appoint and retain the best practitioners that will positively influence our school community.

Our staff are:

· Student focussed

· Positive contributors to the team

· Highly skilled and effective practitioners 

· Continuous learners

· Adaptive

If you wish to contact your teacher, please email them directly or email [email protected]


Administration Staff

Principal: Hayden O'Mara

Deputy Principal: Pamela Scott

Deputy Principal: Steven Watts 

Manager Corporate Services: Gayle Fuller