Our School - Principal's Welcome

Welcome to our school website.  

This year is set to be another engaging school year as we work at implementing a range of strategies to meet the needs of our students.   

Our school is dedicated to excellence in education to: 

  • Develop confident, independent and lifelong learners that become responsible and productive citizens in our society;
  • Provide a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment; &
  • Forge strong partnerships with all members of the immediate and the wider school community.

Our school priorities will be mapped out in the 2019 - 2021 Business Plan and will be squarely based around Excellence in Teaching and Learning, the Environment and Partnerships.

We believe that every child can learn and achieve. The twin strategies of achieving academic excellence and providing holistic education provide clear directions for teachers who are being challenged to design programs and activities that make learning meaningful and enjoyable resulting in children that enjoy school, strive for achievement and are more confident. These concerted efforts of dedicated teachers and motivated students have resulted in developing academic results.

Going forth, the school will continue to enhance a learner-centred school environment through engaging and motivating students as participants in their own learning processes, creating positive school experiences that foster thinking and life-long learning and forging effective partnerships with other stakeholders in education. 

The school will also continue to build a quality teaching staff through facilitating teachers' acquisition of knowledge & skills and broadening of experiences to enable them to better prepare our students for the future. 

We encourage all parents and carers to join us in being actively engaged in their child's education and developing strong partnerships that result in positive outcomes for members of our learning community.