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The purpose of the P&C is to promote the interests of the school through cooperation between parents, teachers, students and members of the general community.  P&C’s are recognised in WA law as being able to assist in the provision of rescources, facilities and amenities for the school and foster community interest in educational matters.

Our P&C strongly support the schools efforts to ensure your child’s learning environment and classroom are comfortable and safe not only for your children but staff too.  Come along to the next P&C meeting and have some valuable input into the school.

Election of Office Bearers 

The following people were elected as office bearers for 2023:

President: Cindy Bateman

Vice-President: Natalie Wagland

Treasurer: Lisa Waters

Secretary: Rebecca Goodacre

Executive Committee: Bevan Cole, Angela Bell, Belinda Murphy, Erin Heath, Kathryn Le Moignan, Claire Tweedie

Sub Committees

Canteen: Wendy Spunner, Sonia Payne, Kathryn Marquis, Lisa Waters

Fathering Project (Mann Club): Bevan Cole, Joel Wynn

Grounds: Natalie Wagland, Angela Bell, Necole Barlow


Please follow the below link to complete an enrolment application or reach out so we can assist with your enrolment query.