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Kiss and Drive

The Kiss and Drive zone is for your child’s safety, your convenience, and to minimise congestion and confusion.

Two minutes is the maximum time allowed for standing in the Kiss and Drive zone during the designated times of 7.30-9.00am and 2.30-4.00pm. Driver must remain in the vehicle.

  • Pull into the Kiss and Drive zone as far forward as you can.  This allows a continuous flow of traffic along Ley Street.
  • Do not leave your vehicle
  • Children should exit vehicle on the kerb side of the car
  • Children should travel with bags in the car (not in the boot)
  • Be timely. Make sure your children enter or exit the vehicle within two minutes
  • Stay in sequence. Don’t cut into the queue. Allow other vehicles to follow you into the Kiss and Drive zone in an orderly manner.
  • If you cannot see your child waiting, exit the Kiss and Drive, proceed around the block and re-enter the Kiss and Drive zone.
  • Ensure children have safety restraints fastened before driving off.
  • Do not do u-turns in busy school zones.  They are dangerous and put all children at risk.
  • Do not reverse into oncoming traffic.

If your child is not yet waiting for you, exit the Kiss and Drive and proceed south on Ley Street.

Turn right into Cloister Avenue, turn right at the first roundabout into Mt Henry Road, then right again at the second roundabout into Paterson Street.

You can then proceed to turn right back into Ley Street and re-enter the Kiss and Drive zone.

DO NOT DO A U-TURN.  This is not only dangerous but illegal.

City of South Perth Parking Rangers patrol regularly.


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